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Blade aka Levi Phillips started producing over 15 years ago and has been dj’ing more than 25 years, influenced by anything from Marvin Gay and Willie Hutch to Michael Jackson, John Mayer and Beethoven, Blade has a keen ear for a good groove and a razor sharp beat. With releases on Innerground, Goodlooking and Emcee to name a few Blade has had caught the attention of some D&B heavy weights such as Fabio, Marky and LTJ Bukem playing his cuts on a weekly biases all over the globe and on the radio.


Soul Structure:


Hailing from Bolton (UK), brothers John & Dominic Crossland formed SoulStructure in late 2012 and have quickly become synonymous with ambient, jazz and old skool infused drum & bass.



Blade, Soul Structure, Kyro - Summer Sumthin'

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