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"Need You In My Life" shines and highlights the skill that Embers Of Light possesses. A clean, pristine beat with daring synths and soothing vocals.


Embers Of Light:


Originally from Birmingham, UK. Canada Based Embers Of Light got into the love of Drum and Bass through Adam F’s Metropolis on Metalheadz and hasn’t looked back. Growing up a teenager in the 90’s Embers Of Light had Kool FM Midlands to keep up to date with the latest in D&B.

Starting to produce on his 30th Birthday EOL was originally called Basic Forces and has releases with The Invaderz and Philth as well as solo efforts on Formation UK and Peer Pressure,

Now as Embers Of Light you can catch him on Four Corners Music and Headsbass and look out for further deeper and darker projects forthcoming

Embers Of Light - Need You In My Life

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