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A soft, calming tune, "La vrei gentil" could translate to "the real nice" someone with a deep truth in his acts.




Hailing from cultural hub PARIS, FRANCE, FX909 began as a TECHNO DJ in the mid-1990s, Alex became one of the leaders of the FRENCH D+B scene at the beginning of the new millennium in 2000.

In 2004, he signed to the legendary BRITISH imprint DEFUNKED, propelling his brand of LIQUID FUNK upon the international scene. He released more than fifty productions and collaborated with the likes of ALIX PEREZ, EGO TRIPPIN, GREG PACKER, MATHEMATICS, PAUL SG, and STUNNA, to name a few. The year 2010 saw Alex put his DRUM+BASS productions as FX909 into hibernation.

Fast forward to 2019, and ALEX has resumed his FX909 production moniker. Unveiling a flurry of new releases to mark a successful return to the liquid DnB scene throughout the end of the year with INFLUENZA MEDIA, LIQUID DROPS, TRIBE OF DUB, and a full length album, 'UNDEFINED' on SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS imprint.

In 2020, FX909 become a label owner with the birth of FX909 MUSIC and continues to spread his music with the help of SUPERLIT, CELSIUS, LIQUID LAB, SMOOTH N GROOVE, LIQUID FLAVOURS, WEAPONS OF CHOICE and AMPHIBIOUS AUDIO among others.

FX909 - Le vrei gentil

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