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This classical jazzy tune mizes elements of the past with drum and bass in a timeless way.




An artist based on southside of UK. Bringing versatile and dynamic range of musical projects usually going against the grid to achieve unprecedented results.




Born on January 31, 1996, with great influence from The Prodigy, Edwart Zermeño aka Viewer became immediately interested in electronic music, finding Drum & Bass at the age of 7 and with him to meet many more artists of this genre.
In 2010 he started producing Drum & Bass and making a name for himself on the local scene.
in 2017 he released his first track "Strange Fruit" on the label: Soul Deep Recordings.
Since then their tracks have been played with: LTJ Bukem, Dexcell, Stunna, Scott Allen, Danny Wheeler, mSdoS, Nelver and among many other local and Internet radio programs.

Peron & Viewer - Subway Ride To Harlem

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