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Behind the turntables: Marble Elephant

Starting music production in 2018, Marble Elephant is a fast-growing duo in the D&B scene. Mixing silky smooth atmospheric sounds with deep basslines, the music will take you into another dimension. Having released two soulful projects on Influenza Media and Celsius Recordings, they are making waves in the liquid drum and bass scene.

We appreciate Marble Elephant and their submission to our album with their song " Imperium " in collaboration with Pyxis.

We sat down with Marble Elephant and asked them some questions. Questions like what got them into drum and bass music, their song's meaning, and what will come next in their musical journey. Again we thank them and all the artists for contributing to this epic album. Stay updated to see more interviews with more artists featured on our album. What got you into Drum and Bass? Tina: "Definitely moving to England. When I was 15, I moved to England, and before that, I didn't even know about drum and bass at all. I was really fortunate because I got to go to Uni in Brighton, and there I met all amazing people who showed me the best music, including drum and bass and jungle, and we also loved going to the Volks club there. They were always smashing out great tunes. What got me into producing drum and bass was this guy" Baptiste:

"Indeed. For me, it's a bit different. I kind of didn't like drum and bass when I first arrived in England. I just hated the genre. And for some reason going to parties at Volks and meeting Tina roughly every week really got me into it. I started liking it more and more, and what made me want to produce it is the fact that I used to be a DJ in clubs sometimes. I was bored of mixing tunes from other people. So I thought, why not make my own? That's why I got into making it" What does your song "Imperium" mean to you? Tina: "That's a really cool question. This one was our first collab with Pyxis, and we were really excited to be chatting with her and getting to know her, and we started the track and decided to send it to her. She wrote some amazing melodies on it, got some drums down and sent it back to us. So we had the opportunity to finish it off." Baptiste: "Yea it was very interesting collab actually as Tina said because it was the first collab with pyxis, first collab in drum and bass for us. Very exciting stuff, especially because we love pyxis and we love the genre so we were very motivated to make this track work and I think it turned out to be very nice. I think pyxis decided the name of the track. So we would like to ask her what "Imperium" means to her. For us its kind of melancholic, nostalgiac track. We love airy sound and atmospheric sounds. Yea we are just really enjoying these kind of dreamy vibes at the moment. We hope you guys enjoyed that"

What's next for Marble Elephant? Tina: "It's gonna be a big one! We are very excited. We've already got a release lined up in June" Baptiste: "It's with Celcius recording" Tina: "Yup! Excited for you guys to be hearing that one. And we also got a lot of unfinished projects open right now, so many we are excited to be finishing these off soon! One of them has my vocals on it. That's going to be my first track with my vocals on it. We got some deep dubstep, what else?" Baptiste:

"Yea I think we counted, we roughly have 16 tunes unreleased. They are all waiting to be finished more or less. This year is going to be absolutely insane guys so stay tuned. You don't wanna miss out!" Tina: "Also again we are going to collab with the lovely Pyxis, that's going to be awesome. And we are also going to star our own night in Exeter. We are going to start promoting a liquid drum and bass night. That is up and coming as well." Any Shoutouts? Tina:

"Big shoutout to Human Nature. Thank you so much for the support and for supplying the amazing dnb academy. Thanks to DNB Academy we were able to progress a lot in our drum and bass production skills. We wouldn't be where we are without that. Thank you so much." Baptiste: "For me shoutout to Pyxis, because she really helped us in our music journey I think. Directly and Indirectly as well. She got us involved in a lot of projects. We are very happy to have met her really." We really look forward to seeing more from Marble Elephant this year! Please consider donating or purchasing our album. Every dollar you give goes directly to Autism therapy and research.

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