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DJ StemZer Crafts Heartfelt Mix for Autism Support: A Fusion of Music and Love

In the harmonious realm of music, where melodies speak the language of emotions, lies a heartwarming tale of a DJ whose beats are driven not only by passion but also by love. Meet Pete Williams, also known as DJ StemZer, the devoted founder of Live Lab Records, who has been enchanting audiences for over two decades with his rhythmic blends. But his recent mix holds a special place in his heart, as it was inspired by his own son's journey with autism. This mix, an offering of love and hope, was created for the non-profit organization "Liquid Drum and Bass 4 Autism," dedicated to supporting children with autism. In this blog post, we dive into the story behind DJ StemZer's mix and the significant impact it has on the cause.

The Birth of DJ StemZer:

Pete Williams, the man behind the pseudonym DJ StemZer, is an experienced artist whose musical roots extend back more than 20 years. Inspired by legendary figures in the drum and bass scene like LTJ Bukem, Roni Size, Kenny Ken, Mickey Finn, Slipmatt, The Prodigy, and Hybrid, StemZer embarked on a musical journey that melded various genres, including DNB, Jungle, Oldskool, and Breakz. As a cherished member of Live Lab Records, StemZer's dedication to the craft has been evident in every set he's delivered.

The Journey of Love:

Behind every great artist is a source of inspiration that fuels their creativity and passion. For DJ StemZer, that driving force comes from a deeply personal place – his son, who happens to be on the autism spectrum. As a parent, StemZer not only seeks to understand and support his child's unique journey but also to use his musical talents to make a positive impact on the autism community.

Mix for a Cause:

The mix crafted by DJ StemZer for "Liquid Drum and Bass 4 Autism" serves as a poignant expression of his love for his son and a dedication to helping others. Each track in the mix has been carefully curated to evoke emotions, elevate spirits, and raise awareness about autism. As the smooth liquid drum and bass beats entwine with the heartfelt intention behind the mix, listeners embark on a sonic journey of empathy and understanding.

Join the Cause:

"Liquid Drum and Bass 4 Autism" is not just a label; it is a movement of compassion and inclusion. Through DJ StemZer's mix and the unwavering support of Live Lab Records, and all of our contributors, the initiative aims to raise funds and awareness for children with autism. By immersing yourself in the soul-stirring rhythms of the mix, you not only experience the magic of music but also become a part of a noble cause.

To listen to DJ StemZer's mix and support the cause, visit Liquid Drum and Bass 4 Autism's official youtube channel. To learn more about DJ StemZer, check the links below:

Mixcloud Profile:

Soundcloud Profile:



LiveLab Records:

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