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USA vs. UK: A Friendly Exhibition out November 8th!

We have some exciting news to share here at Liquid Drum & Bass 4 Autism. Our second charity album will be out on November 8th! "USA vs. UK: A Friendly Exhibition" is a 44-track charity album with some of the best Drum & Bass artists from the United States and the United Kingdom. This album is a collaboration of the most epic proportions.

After the release of our last album in 2020, the money raised has helped continue our mission. Our partner nonprofit, St. Paul's Autism Research & Training Academy, has expanded to a new location in New York. This autism center opened up in January 2022 in the heart of Queens, NYC. It has five rooms and a cafeteria where the kids can enjoy their break. We host group activities and classes with our therapists/teachers in our primary classroom. Once group classes are over, we split the kids and teachers into other rooms for their private sessions. Each room has a laptop and other essential materials to help the child and the teacher during their therapy session. Last but not least, we have a sensory/mobility room. Here we work to sharpen their motor skills with many different toys and methods.

The program we implement in the center differs from our other locations. We start the day with our students at their homes to get them accustomed to their schedule and morning routine after the Sparta shuttle transports them to the center, and that's where we continue the therapy until the day is over and the students go home.

We are adding new students and look forward to sharing more progress and updates from this location.

Kalabaka, Greece, is the following location where we are preparing for a future opening. We purchased the land in the Spring of 2020 in hopes of building an autism center and gift shop. This location will have two floors. One will be our center, and the other floor will be a gift shop dedicated to selling products that will help fund our operations in Greece to continue providing therapy for those who don't have access to it. It is currently under construction, and we hope to have it complete by 2023.

This center and gift shop are next to Meteora, a unique geographical phenomenon of massive cliffs with many orthodox monasteries perched atop them. It is a UNESCO world heritage site with a vast history and boasts six magical monasteries run by orthodox nuns who maintain and preserve these unbelievable feats of architecture. Visited by almost 2 million people a year, this is a top tourist destination in Greece.

To learn more about SPARTA's mission and progress, visit!

Michael SD and Scott Allen have put in a lot of hard work to compile these outstanding artists to collaborate and create tracks for this charity album. Huge thanks to all the artists who contributed! Available on all platforms, get yourself a copy on November 8th, and help us raise money for children with Autism. Preorder now in our shop!

Liquid Drum & Bass 4 Autism is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based out of New York City. Our mission is to raise awareness and funds for autism treatment/research and parent training for children living in rural areas who may not have access to quality behavioral health services.

Through our Liquid Drum & Bass musical productions, our main goals are to enrich society by facilitating community inclusion while enhancing the quality of lives of children with Autism and their families. To accomplish our philanthropic mission, 100% of all music sales/streams and donations directly fund our autism treatment/research and parent training.

We sincerely appreciate your help supporting our mission and hope you enjoy/love the deep feelings/emotions our exclusive music will bring to your ears and hearts. Please consider donating to our cause at

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