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Our 1st Charity Album Out Now

We could not be more proud to announce that our first charity album, "Redefining The Spectrum" is out now! You can purchase it on our website, in our shop! It is the culmination of 46 legendary and acclaimed Drum and Bass artists who so graciously made tunes for this epic album! With 42 tunes, there has to be a picking for all fans of Liquid Drum and Bass!

All of the proceeds (100%!!!) of this album will go directly to St. Paul's Autism Research & Training Academy (SPARTA Autism), a non profit whose mission is to provide Autism treatment for children with autism in rural, under served communities. Right now as you read this, Sparta is providing children with autism in Crete, Greece with the services they need. Check out SPARTA at and learn more about their current operations and mission.

Check out the album in our store:

Or you can purchase it on JunoDownload, Beatport, Itunes, Amazon Music, Google Play

Streaming on all platforms like spotify, pandora, soundcloud!

And don't forget to check us out on social media! Be sure to follow, share, like, retweet, subscribe, whatever it may be, it can go a long way to spreading autism awareness and helping us raise money for our mission!

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