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Behind the Turntables: DJ Spim Interview

Simon Taylor, aka DJ Spim is a veteran Junglist and old skool raver who experienced the birth of Drum & Bass way back in the early 90s. He is a technical scratch DJ with many tricks in his repertoire. A crowd pleaser with just shy of 30 years of experience behind the decks and a true believer that Drum & Bass helps raise the collective consciousness of the human race.

Originally a percussionist playing in various forms, from Jazz bands to full orchestras, it’s no surprise that the music is embedded in his DNA. He has been a long-running player in Jersey’s music scene, promoting, producing, DJing, scratching, and dancing his way through island life. A true Drum & Bass head to the core.

Spim was kind enough to submit his track, "Love, Peace, & Joy." It's an absolute banger and has a great message that we truly support.

Check out a preview here:

We sat down with Spim and asked him some questions. Questions like what got him into drum and bass music, his song's meaning, and what will come next in his musical journey. We thank him and all the artists for their contributions to this epic album. Stay updated to see more interviews with more artists featured on our albums in the next few weeks.

What got you into Drum and Bass?

"Wow, what a question that is. Well, what I would have to say is it was a natural progression from going to raves in the early 90's, dancing my socks off with all the rest of the raver crew. Following that, an avenue of breakbeat through the years, through jungle, through drum and bass, and then eventually you're faced with that proposition of why don't you make some music too? So that's exactly what I did. 1999 and 2000 I started producing my own tunes."

What does "Love, Peace, & Joy" mean to you?

"The process was really interesting because I was going through some particularly difficult struggles at the time, and I was able to use the production of this particular track to help me through some struggles. So, being surrounded by love, peace, and joy is a kind of affirmation, a mantra that I use on occasion to help manifest that exact thing around me."

How did you get involved with LDNB4Autism?

"Well, that one is real simple to answer. Michael. He asked me, and I accepted. It's a kind of reciprocal agreement where the music helps to raise money, obviously for such an amazing cause, and at the same time, the process of creating it helped me through my journey as well. It's a win win on both sides."

What's next for Spim?

"If I am brutally honest with you, I don't yet know. But I know that I am coming up to something real close where I am going to find my new direction. Since we have all been through covid and all the craziness that ensued with that, lots of changes happened. And a lot of growth has happened. And a lot of internal work. I am yet to find my direction, where it's going to be, but I suspect it's going to have something to do with meditation and, of course, something to do with drum and bass."

His long-running Subfactory Radio Show showcases the freshest and finest Drum & Bass to the world with lashings of positivity and fun. With endorsements from some of the great players such as Andy C, Hype, Danny Byrd, and Sigma, this guy knows what to do.

Check out The Subfactory Radio Show here:

Or catch it live every other Monday at

Check out what Spim is up to:

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