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Check our newest video for Phil Tangent's Scalesia!

Feel the tranquil and ambient song, "Scalesia" by the very talented Phil Tangent.

A little bit about Phil, he is based out of Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom. He's been in the LDNB scene for more than a decade already. Phil attributes his parents’ record collection to the development of his musical style, growing up listening to a melting pot of genres including soul, reggae, and world music. However, it was to be on his journeys to school listening to his Sony Walkman where he would find his true musical calling and the vehicle for where all his influences could be melded together as one.

We are thankful for his contribution towards the autism cause we are supporting with this track. 100% of the proceeds of this song along with the rest of the album, will go directly towards funding research and therapy hours over at Saint Paul's Autism Training and Research Academy.

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