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Behind the Turn Tables: Stereotype

Stereotype is a DJ and producer from Miami with musical roots reaching Colombia. His music and DJ mixes have been featured on BBC Radio 1, Drum & Bass Arena, Bassdrive, Flex.FM, SWU.FM and most recently on the Hospital Records Freshest Drum & Bass Spotify Playlist. He's released music with labels such as Formation, Technique, Intrigue, CODE, and Driven AM, among others. He has played on stages across North and South America, Europe, and the UK.

For our second charity album, "USA vs. UK: A Friendly Exhibition," Stereotype submitted his song "Always." We sat with him and asked him questions like what got him into drum and bass music, his song's meaning, and what will come next in his musical journey. We thank him and all the artists for their contributions to this epic album. Stay updated to see more interviews with some of the artists featured.

What got you into drum and bass?

"I remember somebody left a cd in my car. It was after I had a couple of hip-hop remixes of some pop tracks knew of. Wow this is interesting, but I didn't have any friends that were into it. I really had no way of knowing what I had heard and how to research it."

"...I had just been kind of introduced into rave, the phenomenom of rave in general. I went to a party in central Florida with some friends and DJ Craze; shout out to DJ Craze from Miami. I had been following him for a while as just a pedal DJ. You know, a hometown hero. And he played some drum and bass. Everything clicked in that one moment."

What is the meaning behind your song?

"Just two people telling each other they will always be there for each other. That's really what it turned into, that kind of sense of unconditional love."

What is next for Stereotype?

"Opening myself up to more collaborations. It is something I haven't done a lot of. But you're going to see a lot more collaborations from me."

Check out the full video interview above. Please consider donating or purchasing our album. Every dollar you give goes directly to Autism therapy and research. Buy Here or Donate Here.

Check out Stereotype:

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