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Our upcoming Album featured on DifferentDrumz!

A huge thank you to DifferentDrumz for featuring us on their website:

You can read the article on their website here---> -Click Here-

DifferentDrumz is a team of drum and bass DJ’s, Producers, Promoters and general junglists from around the world, united with a shared passion for dnb, doing their bit to‘share the love’for quality Drum & Bass with 24/7 online dnb radio streaming the best fresh beats from Soulful Liquid, Liquid Funk, Intelligent, Atmospheric & Minimal stuff to Neurofunk, Deep, Dark and Rolling Drum n Bass, Classic DnB, Jungle & Oldschool!

They have tons of guest shows, and are even a record label creating amazing soulful music. Check them out, we can not thank them enough for showcasing this cause. Our Album comes out May 31st titled " Redefining the Spectrum of Liquid Drum and Bass Music". Share our website, and follow our social media!

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