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We are proud to announce the upcoming release of our first ever charity album.

We have been working hard to bring to life this amazing project, which combines an amazing cause with the power of music. We will be releasing "Redefining the Spectrum of Liquid Drum and Bass" on May 31st, with 42 songs and the collaboration of over 46 artists, this is one of the most epic compilations of music in the genre. This album features Drum and Bass giants Stunna, Makoto, Nelver, and many many more of your favorite artists, all who were so kind to contribute and support this cause of ours. We can not thank them enough.

The album will be released on our website, and every platform imaginable. You will be able to listen to it on platforms such as soundcloud, spotify, itunes and many more. Purchases will be available on our website for digital download. Look out for some really cool physical releases in the future.

The album is $20.99!

Individual Tracks are $1!

The album is a great deal and will save you money! And remember, for every purchase, 100% of the proceeds go directly to Autism Therapy and Research!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and for our upcoming release of our very special charity album "Redefining the Spectrum of Liquid Drum and Bass".

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